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Nicole Sands
November 15, 2016 03:45 PM

When Miley Cyrus spins her Voice chair around and chooses you, it means you’ve gone from an ordinary contestant to her new best friend — so says Ali Caldwell, Darby Walker and Aaron Gibson, the three last standing singers on the star’s team.

With season 11 well underway, the first-time coach feels that forging a deep connection with her team will help them feel right at home in Los Angeles and, most importantly, be themselves.

“Working with Miley has been the best decision I’ve ever made,” Gibson tells PEOPLE backstage at the first live show, where the Top 12 performed before the coaches prior to elimination night on Tuesday. “She’s so involved and so hands-on. She’s texting you, ‘Hey, do you like this jacket?’ or ‘How do you feel about this song?’ She runs everything past us — she’s very much involved.”

“The beautiful thing about working with her is that she definitely lets us be ourselves and I feel like it shows — us as team Miley — it shines through,” Caldwell adds.

For Walker, someone who’s called herself “a hippie for years,” Cyrus’ encouragement to “be yourself” has truly brought her vision to life.

“I’ve never really had the freedom to go all out, and being able to work with someone at her status and her level who believes in you so much and who says, ‘No, we’re gonna do it’— that’s priceless,” says Walker, adding that it is “a testament to how much she cares and how invested she is.”

Walker channeled her inner flower child during a rocking rendition of The Rolling Stone’s “Ruby Tuesday,” and Cyrus was the creative mind behind it all.

“The flowers I’m wearing in my hair now — she texted me a picture and was like, ‘I’m at Michael’s, which ones do you want?'” says Walker, who sometimes receives texts from Cyrus at 1 a.m., which is beyond her “wildest dreams.”

The aspiring musician rocked out on Monday night’s show with the help of a flower-embellished mic stand, which Cyrus gifted her after receiving it as a present from a very dear friend. “We’re at rehearsal and she’s like, ‘This is Steven Tyler’s mic stand. It was in my garage, but I wanted to hawk a bunch of flowers on it because that’s what you are to me — you’re a flower girl,'” recalls Walker.

She continues, “I thought there were going to be a few flowers here and there, but, no, it’s like my own big flower stick — Steven Tyler’s flower vine.”

It’s clear Cyrus can’t stop and won’t stop surprising her team on and off set.

“She’ll come in in a onesie and cat ears and be like, ‘Hey, guys. What’s up? Just want to make sure you’re okay,’ and then I swear like five minutes later she’s glammed up and ready to go,” says Gibson. “She must do the Superman in the phone booth type of thing.”

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