Nicole Sands
November 11, 2016 03:55 PM

Emily Estefan is reaching higher and higher to achieve her dreams.

As daughter of musical legends Emilio and Gloria Estefan, the rising songstress is continuing her parents’ legacy by honoring them “just like another fan would.”

“I can’t step in that blueprint because they’ve done so much and it’s amazing,” Emily tells PEOPLE Now about making a career for herself at age 18 after finally overcoming the “scariest” moment of her life and singing for her mother on the beach at the family’s house.

“I think a big thing is — and I’ve tried to represent this with how I speak and what I put out in the world — is that I’m not trying to be them, and I’m not trying to pretend that I can,” she continues.

John Parra/Getty Images

Emily, now 21, may not have been around for most of her parents’ success, but their Broadway musical On Your Feet sure takes her back to their golden days — and she’s even taken part in the production!

“I always joke around because right when the musical ends is when I’m born. The only original song in the play I co-wrote with my mom actually, so she’s like, ‘You’re a part of it in that way.’ It was an amazing experience because to have that opportunity was pretty spectacular,” Emily says about doing the music for the tune “If I Never Got to Tell You,” while her mother handled the lyrics.

She continues, “I always say it’s the most expensive production to show me what my life was before I was there. I’m like, ‘Thanks, I’m caught up now!'”

And that hit was just the beginning. Emily’s new single “Reigns (Every Night)” is out now, and her debut album Take Whatever You Want is set for release Feb. 3, but she longs for another collaboration with her mother in the future.

“We write a lot together. Some of the first stuff I ever did was with her was production and she would do the lyrics,” Emily says. “I’ve sang with her a couple times in concert — some duets — but I would love to do a full length with her later … I think that would be dope.”

She adds of where their careers stand right now: “She’s working on her stuff, she has a really cool album coming soon and I got my stuff, but we always love to jam, so, yeah, hopefully!”

But could her next track be a family affair? In a series of Instagram posts, Emily revealed to her followers that her grandmother, Gloria Fajardo, is a world-class rapper with the superstar name ‘Rapbuela.’

“One day — because of the invention of the selfie — I was just like, she’s funny, she’s always witty and quick. I started beat boxing and she just spit mad fire,” Emily says about how the Cuban raps with Gloria’s mother started.

“[So] many people would respond and now if I post anything on my Instagram that’s not her, they’re like, ‘Cute, where’s your grandma? Get to the business here,'” she jokes.

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