Stephanie Petit
May 09, 2017 01:45 PM

It turns out that even Busy Philipps wasn’t cool enough to hang with Courtney Love way back when.

Ahead of performing “Violet” by Hole (Love’s band from the ’90s) for Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam, Philipps opened up about her early introduction to the rocker — and dished on their awkward first encounter.

“I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, the onset of my obsession with Courtney Love, but I do remember hearing her voice and being like, ‘Who the hell is this badass woman?’ ” Philipps, 37, told the crowd.

The Vice Principals actress remembered emulating Love’s look — despite its impracticality.

“I cut my hair into bangs and started wearing red lipstick and painting my nails black and fishnet stockings and Doc Martens,” she said. “I got this vintage leopard coat that I wore year-round, even though, guys, I grew up in Arizona. It’s like 120 f—ing degrees.”

Philipps also remember tearing up while attending Love’s concert as a 15-year-old.

“I swear to God, Courtney was crying too,” she said while jokingly defending herself.

Years later, Philipps moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and says that while she was on the cult hit Freaks and Geeks executive producer Judd Apatow surprised the cast by bringing them to the premiere of Jim Carrey’s 1999 film Man on the Moon — which Love also starred in.

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After gaining some liquid courage via some vodka cranberries, Philipps approached Love’s table at the afterparty. She started to introduce herself, but was cut short.

“Her look literally stops me talking because she’s glaring at me as if she wants to set me on f—ing fire,” Philipps said. “And she sort of narrows her eyes at me and she looks up and is like, ‘This is my friend Paul. Do you want to f— him?’ ”

To make matters even worse, Love was talking about actor Paul Rudd.

“It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life, not to mention, you guys, I missed my chance to f— Paul Rudd,” Philipps said.

She concluded, “But in retrospect we could have never been best friends because she’s just way to f—ing cool for me.”

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