Nicole Sands
August 21, 2017 04:45 PM

Adam Lambert welcomes Katy Perry to the show!

American Idol‘s superstar alumni — who was runner up on the eighth season of the reality TV hit and has since toured with legendary rock group Queen — can’t wait to see the pop star sit at the judges’ panel for the show’s reboot.

“I think she’ll be great. She has a long history with the show, too,” he told Entertainment Tonight on Saturday about the first judge to be announced for the comeback.

The popular singing competition is set to return in 2018 on ABC, and while Lambert says he has not yet been approached to revisit the place where he rose to fame, the successful alumni says he “would love to come back.”

“When [American Idol] was on Fox I was there every season,” he added. “I would come on and do something. I owe the show great debt of gratitude. I love the show. I think it’s great. I would love to come back and pop in.”

Lambert’s advice to the next generation of Idol prospects? “You gotta find something that makes you stand out from the pack a bit,” he says.

“What makes you different than everybody else? What’s your angle? What’s your lane? I mean, that’s the music industry in general.”

“And also find something that isn’t too complicated or challenging for the judges, especially right away,” he continued. “You have to help them understand who you could be on the show.”

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