Alynda Wheat
February 23, 2012 09:05 AM

Insipid, tedious and lacking in common sense, Wanderlust has nothing to offer a discerning viewer. But hey, Jennifer Aniston got a boyfriend from this ridiculous enterprise, so that’s something positive, right?

The aforementioned beau, Justin Theroux, plays Seth, the New-Agey leader of Elysium, a Georgia commune happened upon by George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Aniston), a couple who can no longer afford their New York lifestyle. After a night of pot, drum circles and skinny-dipping, the pair decide to stay in Elysium.

That’s when everything goes wrong – for us (the heck with George and Linda, they made their bed). It’s a stream of lame jokes about hippies doing things no sane person would tolerate. I don’t care how enlightened you think you are, if a stranger wants to watch you on the toilet, they need therapy.

Incredibly, Wanderlust isn’t entirely without merit. Linda Lavin is terrific as George and Linda’s shady realtor, and Aniston and Rudd come off relatively unscathed. But a script in which one character announces, “We adopted a black baby,” then reveals that it’s his new SUV? That thing needs burning.

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