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Liz McNeil
May 14, 2010 03:25 PM

Will the family that slays together, stay together?

The Cullen family could be seeing some new faces in familiar roles unless some of the Twilight actors, notably Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, are able to successfully renegotiate new contracts for the smash-hit film franchise’s final installments.

While reports are flying that the actors’ contract demands are holding up production of Breaking Dawn, which will be split into a two movies, insiders tell PEOPLE that isn’t true.

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“Negotiations started a week ago [but] the reports they are holding up production aren’t true because there is no shooting script and production isn’t supposed to start until November, so no way is it holding up production,” says one source close to the deal-making.

“There was never a deal in place for the fourth movie,” the source adds. “They had a three-picture deal which has expired, and it’s standard industry practice to renegotiate, and it’s standard industry practice to negotiate on the fourth movie.”

Cullen kids Lutz and Greene have reportedly been trying to score pay days of about $1.5 million, which is still well below what stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are bringing in. And reports have circulated that the studio could simply replace them if negotiations go sour.

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Another source close to the actors tells PEOPLE that “this renegotiation is nothing out of the ordinary.”

“It’s the first opportunity the actors have had to renegotiate at all. Their original contracts were through the first three films,” says the source. “Those first three [movies] obviously did amazingly and the kids didn’t share in the profits they didn’t get any bonuses.”

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