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Stacey Dash on Joseph Fiennes Being Cast as Michael Jackson: 'I Say, BRAVO'

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One week after Joseph Fiennes was unexpectedly cast as Michael Jackson, Stacey Dash is weighing in on the casting choice.

“I say, ‘BRAVO!'” Dash wrote on her Patheos blog. “I’m sick and tired of being told, ‘Sorry, Stacey, this is a Caucasian-only role.’ Counterintuitively, this decision by Hollywood – which looks like a diss to blacks – is actually what we’ve been saying all along: roles should NOT be based on color.”

The always-controversial actress goes on to compare Fiennes casting to the Broadway play Hamilton, which casts actors of color to portray historical figures like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

“I don’t care about the race of the actors portraying historical figures and I can’t wait to see Joseph’s portrayal of Jackson,” she added. “It’ll be amazing as long as he plays himself truthfully and authentically.”

Dash’s primary point was that, Fiennes role as the King of Pop “throws that white-only card out the window,” which she believes will work in favor for actors, including those of color, as this particular situation lends itself to color-blind casting choices.

“Roles should not be dictated by race,” the 49-year-old continued. “There’s no reason why the lead roles in Homeland, Veep, or Penny Dreadful have to be white (my favorite shows by the way). I want to see more of this diversity and thinking outside of the box with the equality that this designation entails – this is the right track.”

VIDEO: Joseph Fiennes is Set to Play Michael Jackson in 9/11 Movie

Although Dash thinks the choice was a step in the right direction, Fiennes faced some backlash once the decision was made public. However, the actor defended his new role, saying while he was shocked to get the part, he actually looks more like Jackson than other actors.

“I’m a white, middle-class guy from London. I’m as shocked as you are,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “[Jackson] definitely had an issue – a pigmentation issue – and that’s something I do believe. He was probably closer to my color than his original color.”

Fiennes will star in the half-hour, comedy special – which recounts an alleged, post 9/11 road trip taken by Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando – alongside Stockard Channing as Taylor and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando.