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Alla Byrne
April 01, 2011 05:10 PM

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are close both on and off screen – and there’s a chance they’d pair up again for a film.

“I would love to do another movie with her,” Reynolds told Access Hollywood. “I would be a fool to say no to that! If we can work it out, I will definitely – I will be there and I’ll be on my best behavior.”

The pair worked together on the 2009 hit romantic comedy The Proposal and while nothing is confirmed yet, Reynolds is developing a project with Bullock in mind.

But Bullock isn’t the only woman who Reynolds is eager to work with again. The actor hopes his other Proposal costar, Betty White, will join in the fun.

“Betty White will be there, but she will not be on her best behavior,” Reynolds joked. “I mean, my God – there’s a risqué, risqué little lady!”

If Reynolds gets his wish, he will most likely be seeing more of Bullock’s 1-year-old son Louis, who he’s met but hasn’t “squeezed” yet.

“He’s not an action figure that’s a delicate child right there,” Reynolds said. “You know you’ve got to be careful with those.”

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