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POLL: Which New Moon Scene Are You Dying to See?

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Peter Sorel/Summit Entertainment

The Twilight sequel, New Moon, packs a bite – and ripped abs! The love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob is causing waves online with the release of the official New Moon poster and the news that the movie’s trio, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, will introduce a clip from the sequel at the MTV Movie Awards on May 31.

Out of the four scenes below, tell us which one you’re dying to see the most:

1. Bella’s Bloody Birthday
Alice surprises Bella with an extravagant bash at the Cullen house in celebration of the mortal’s 18th birthday, but Bella accidentally cuts herself while unwrapping gifts, which triggers new “vegetarian” Jasper to pounce on her in a fit of uncontrollable bloodlust. Though Edward is able to shield Bella from the attack, the episode serves as a grave reminder of the dangers that will always plague their relationship.

2. Boys to Wolves
Bella replaces one mythical creature for another when she discovers good friend Jacob Black is actually a werewolf. Breaking their code of secrecy, Jacob takes Bella to meet the rest of his pack and immediately finds himself in a paw-to-paw duel with one of his own. A frightened Bella witnesses both boys morph mid-air into wolves as they fight.

3. Bella & Jacob’s Joy Ride
Deadset on being “stupid and reckless” after Edward’s disappearance, Bella purchases two junk motorcycles and convinces trusty mechanic Jacob to repair them. Bella crashes during their test drive, prompting a hallucination of Edward’s voice, scolding her for her carelessness.

4. The Race to Save Edward
Believing Bella has died, a distraught Edward journeys to Volterra, Italy to evoke the wrath of the Volturi – an ancient band of peace-keeping vampires – who will kill him for outing their supernatural secret. Frantically making their way through the city, Bella and Alice reach the Palazzo dei Priori just in time to prevent Edward from stepping out into the sunlight and revealing his true, sparkling self.