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Paul Walker Was a 'Kid at Heart,' Says His Brick Mansions Costar RZA

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Philippe Bosse

One of Paul Walker’s costars, the rapper-turned-actor RZA, is remembering Walker as one of his last movies, Brick Mansions, is about to open.

“We lost a good one,” RZA said of Walker, the victim of a fiery car crash in November. The rapper, 44, was speaking before a screening of the film, which is about fighting crime in dystopian Detroit.

“It’s a loss first and foremost to his family, of course, but it’s also a loss to the moviemaking community,” he said. “I just wish, of course, that Paul was here to really represent this movie, because he had so much fun making it and he was into this movie so much.”

In the film, which opens Friday, Walker plays Damien Collier, an undercover cop who pairs up with Lino (David Belle) to capture drug kingpin Tremaine Alexander (RZA), who wants to destroy Detroit.

“He was always thinking of ways to make the scene better – always thinking of ways to stay in the moment of the movie,” RZA said.

During breaks in filming, the costars often hung out in Walker’s trailer. “We would sit there chopping it up – having boy talk,” he said, before quickly correcting himself. “I mean men talk.”

“But you know why I said boy talk first?” he pointed out. “Because when you are an artist, I don’t think you really, really ever grow up. Paul was a kid at heart.”

RZA said he saw Walker with his longtime friends, who visited the set of Brick Mansions. “He still had his relationship with his homeboys, which was super cool. I was like, ‘The world used to be like this.’ They were, you know, 40 years old, and they were still like teenagers.”

When he heard of Walker’s death, “it broke me down,” RZA said. “He was a really great guy … very smart, very warm. But more importantly, he had a good heart. All I can say is, it’s tragic.”

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