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Chris Willard
November 24, 2008 11:25 AM

Since moving to Tennessee with her husband and daughter, Nicole Kidman has had a taste of Southern charm and she likes what she sees – and hears.

“I’m glad that [Sunday] is able to say she’s born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee,” Kidman tells Nashville s Tennessean, of the place she calls home with her husband, Keith Urban, and daughter, Sunday Rose – “I hope she has a Southern accent.”

Kidman and Urban, both 41, have settled in rural Leiper s Fork, just outside of Nashville, to raise their daughter. The couple s low-key lifestyle means exchanging lavish big-city restaurants in favor of Starbuck s and Bread & Co.

“We are pretty simple,” Kidman says. “We just like good food. I suppose a lot of it is we like spending time with our baby, so we grab something or stay at home and cook.”

The couple also enjoys slipping into the Nashville crowd unnoticed. Even when she knocked on strangers doors to deliver Meals on Wheels at 8 months pregnant, residents didn t recognize the Oscar-winning actress.

“Or if they did, they didn’t say, and that is lovely,” she says.

“We never get bothered, and the people are incredibly friendly and easygoing. It really has been a perfect match for me,” she continues. “I don’t want to go on too much about it to the rest of the world because then more people will come here. It’s a secret. Keith keeps saying, ‘Shush, shush, keep this a secret,’ because it’s so beautiful.”

And it was the perfect place to give birth to Sunday Rose last July, she says.

“I think there is nothing more to say other than it was peaceful and that I think that is the most important thing,” she says. “It was very simple and people allowed us that very, very special moment to, I suppose, fuse together more and also bond with our baby.”

Kidman’s older children (with ex-husband Tom Cruise) Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, also like to visit Mom in Nashville, but “They are city kids right now,” she says.

But Kidman herself is not only embracing her quiet time in Tennessee, she’s also contemplating the idea of more children.

“I am in a place in my life where … I’ve had some great opportunities and I may just choose to have more children,” she told reporters recently, while promoting her new film, Australia.

“I’ve no idea what is in my future but I am very at peace with where I want to be.”

Nicole & Keith welcome daughter Sunday Rose!

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