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Kathy Ehrich Dowd
September 19, 2013 11:45 AM

Beautiful, elegant and a bona fide princess, Grace Kelly’s glamorous life and tragic death unfolded more dramatically than many of the movies she starred in during her career.

And for those eager to learn more about the enigmatic icon, the Weinstein Company and Warner Brothers has just released a first look at Grace of Monaco – the sumptuous looking Olivier Dahan directed biopic starring Nicole Kidman in the title role. Watch the trailer below.

“Long after the House of Grimaldi has fallen, the world is going to remember your name, your highness,” says Frank Langella, who plays Father Francis Tucker in the film, in the one-minute clip. “You are the fairy tale; the serenity to which we all aspire. And peace will come when you embrace the roles you have been destined to play.”

The film primarily focuses on Kelly in the early 1960s when she is already established as the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainer III (played by Tim Roth) in 1956. Monaco is at odds with France, who has given the picturesque principality six months to reform its tax laws, and its citizens are looking to their princess for guidance, reports Variety,

Kidman has earned a thumbs up for the role from at least one person in the late princess’s former inner circle.

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“First of all, I know Nicole Kidman,” Lynn Wyatt, Kelly’s longtime confidante, told PEOPLE last year. “She’s beautiful inside and out, and she’s very sweet. She’s very nice – and she’s caring. I think she would be perfect.”

The film makes its debut on Nov. 27.

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