Brianne Tracy
June 29, 2017 06:52 PM


Australian actress Nicky Whelan has no doubt that new parents George and Amal Clooney are “really happy” after welcoming twins.

The Inconceivable star got to know George while filming a Nespresso commercial last year (along with Jack Black) and had the “best time” on set.

“He’s got an incredible energy and he speaks so highly of his wife,” Whelan, 36, tells PEOPLE Now of the actor. “He mentioned [Amal] a lot on set.”

She adds: “He’s awesome and so cool — you can understand why he’s George Clooney.”

The Clooney’ announced the births of Ella and Alexander earlier this month, saying in a statement that the newborns are “healthy, happy and doing fine.”

Though Whelan admits that she hasn’t kept in touch with the actor since filming, she hopes to follow suit and welcome little ones of her own with her husband, former NFL player-turned-actor Kerry Rhodes.

“For sure, that would be in the future,” she says of having kids. “That’s the idea — to have a mini-tribe.”


Whelan and Rhodes, 34, tied the knot in April, and so far for Whelan, newlywed life “feels exactly the same” as before they were married.

“Nothing really changes,” she explains. “The difference is you wear a ring now and you say ‘husband.’ As soon as the wedding was over, we got straight back into work and into our lives.”

During their lavish wedding ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the pair only had one rule for guests — no cell phones.

“We were really strict about it, they were able to check their phones in the lobby but not bring them in to the venue,” she says. “Within the first five minutes of the wedding, we had to change the schedule because everybody was up and dancing and no one was sitting at the table. Everyone was mingling.”

She continues: “We had people from all around the world come together and now they’ve all left as friends — honestly, it was the best decision we made.”

Inconceivable — which also stars Nic Cage, Gina Gershon, and Faye Dunaway — hits theaters on June 30.

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