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Michael Y. Park
November 18, 2009 12:55 PM

Well, you can’t say he isn’t going out on top.

Chris Weitz, the Oscar-nominated director of New Moon, will leave all the glitz and glamour behind after he finishes one more film, he tells MovieMaker magazine.

“Every time I make a movie I’m pretty much convinced it’s the last time I’m going to be able to do it and that really it’s a rather silly occupation to undertake,” says Weitz, 40, whose Oscar nod was for the adapted screenplay of 2002’s About a Boy. “But I think I have maybe one more film in me.”

The director, who says he’s still saddened by what he calls the heavyhanded studio tactics that derailed his big-budget flop The Golden Compass, says his final flick will be an homage to the Italian classic The Bicycle Thief called The Gardener.

“I feel that if I were to do this one film, I’d feel okay just sitting back and reading. I d really like to read some books,” he says.

And engaging in the lifestyle of an international bon vivant with two-thirds of a blockbuster movie series to his name, of course.

“You know, it sounds ridiculous, but I’d really like to be a better surfer,” he says, laughing. “I’d like to learn to speak Spanish fluently; I’d like to travel around, live in Italy; I’d like to learn kung fu … It’s nice to make movies, but it’s also really hard.”

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