Jodi Guglielmi
June 27, 2017 09:52 AM

Michael Keaton is suffering from a case of stolen identity.

The actor, 65, stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, where he discussed why he had to change his name before becoming an actor.

“I was just starting out and I got this job and because of the union … somebody said, ‘You have to change your name,’ ” he explained.

So what is his true moniker? It might sound a bit familiar.

“My real name is Douglas, Michael Douglas,” he said.

Keaton explained that because there was a talk-show host named Mike Douglas and, of course, the famed movie star Michael Douglas in the acting union, he was forced to choose a new name.

The actor said he picked the name Keaton on a whim.

“I was just in the K’s in the alphabet and I thought, ‘It’s close enough,’ ” he admitted.

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Keaton also said he only uses his stage name while working and everywhere else he goes by Douglas — which can cause some confusion.

“I’m trying to ease my name back in because I’m proud of my name,” he said. “I’ll be going somewhere and there will be a driver with a sign that says Michael Douglas, and then I show up. They look so confused!”

“It would be one thing to go, ‘Oh well he’s obviously not Michael Douglas, he must just be a regular guy’ ” he continued. “But then they go, ‘Well wait a minute, I know him.’ “

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