Mike Miller
May 05, 2017 11:45 PM


He’s not the first person who comes to mind when you think about breakdancing, but Michael Fassbender just proved he can bust a move at a moment’s notice.

The Alien: Covenant star was on The Graham Norton Show recently, where he revealed that he went through a bit of a “breakdance phase” in the ’80s.

The admission delighted fellow Norton guest Jessica Chastain, who slyly coaxed the actor, 40, into showing the audience his skills.

“What is breakdance? Do you think you could show me?” Chastain asked coyly.

“It would be very dangerous, I haven’t done it years,” he said, putting his hands over his face in embarrassment.

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Not one to back down from a challenge, a reluctant and red-faced Fassbender, dressed in a three-piece suit, removed his jacket and cleared some space for himself onstage.

Starting with his back to the audience, Fassbender performed what he called a flick swan dive, gracefully launching himself backward and landing into a perfect worm.

Check out the video above for his full tutorial.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19.

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