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Rennie Dyball
February 03, 2012 11:05 AM

Don’t feel bad for Michael Fassbender, who was left out of the Best Actor Oscar race despite his critically-acclaimed turn in Shame.

He appears to be in very good spirits.

The Irish actor, 34, was photographed Tuesday having a grand ol’ time at the London afterparty for the premiere of his new film, A Dangerous Method. Fassbender was snapped taking a turn at the piano and dancing with his costar Keira Knightley – and Viggo Mortensen.

The night got so crazy that he made an unorthodox exit from the GQ-hosted bash, reports The Sun tabloid.

“Michael was politely asked to leave … it was becoming a bit of a handful for the other guests,” a source at the party told The Sun, adding that Fassbender obliged.

“He was grabbing his costars and waltzing around the room with them,” the source says. He lit a cigarette indoors and that was the point it had gone too far.”

Fassbender’s ride home (or at least out the door) from the party? An unidentified male, who carried him out, piggyback-style.

But The Sun‘s account was quickly disputed by GQ editor Olivia Cole, who called the story “complete fiction” on Twitter.

“We were glad he was there and no one was asked to leave early,” she Tweeted Friday. “But hey, feel free to just make it up.”

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