Lindsay Kimble
October 12, 2016 05:57 PM

The McConaissance is real — and was carefully orchestrated by the man himself.

In the November issue of Esquire, Matthew McConaughey gets real about leaving his tried-and-true role as a rom-com leading man in the past for more serious roles like the True Detective series and The Dallas Buyers Club — which earned him an Oscar.

After filming 2008’s Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, McConaughey says, “All of a sudden. I understood, whoa, that’s become my brand.”

It was then that he made a “conscious decision” to “unbrand,” he tells the magazine.

Pamela Hanson
Pamela Hanson

His plan involved taking somewhat of a hiatus, which was aided by then-girlfriend (now wife) Camila Alves, who, he says, encouraged him to “do it.”

“A good woman gives a man courage and confidence — the courage to have the confidence to go and do it, to not be worried as much or consider as much what the rest of the world thinks,” he explains.

Pamela Hanson
Pamela Hanson

The effort paid off: in 2011, he was cast in The Lincoln Lawyer, a role which ultimately led to Killer Joe and set the wheels in motion for McConaughey’s Oscar victory.


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