Dave Quinn
November 17, 2016 11:12 AM

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt share a few hot and steamy sex scenes in their new movie, Allied — including one in which their characters get it on in a car during the middle of a sandstorm.

But while the 41-year-old actress says the end result is “a beautiful love scene,” filming it wasn’t necessarily as glossy as one might think.

Swinging by the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, the Oscar winner asked Colbert to try to picture the situation.

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

“Let’s imagine you’re with your wife — in bed, or anywhere, like here,” she said. “And then all those people are watching. Cameras, like … 50 people are watching.”

“Do you still find it sexy?” she asked.

The point wasn’t lost on Colbert — but the 52-year-old comic had the perfect follow-up: “We’re all friends here, right?”

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She also chatted about the film’s intimate scenes during an appearance Friday on the Today show, saying she tries to find the humor in the shoot.

“It’s always [an] awkward situation, but it’s also very fun situation, because it’s awkward,” she said.

Cotillard also addressed false rumors that she and Pitt had an affair while shooting the film, telling Matt Lauer, “I never take anything personally when it doesn’t concern me. And so I didn’t take it personally because I had nothing to do with these rumors or situations.”

The pregnant actress, who is expecting her second child with her partner of nine years, French actor Guillaume Canet, added that she didn’t let the rumors affect her during the shoot.

“No, I don’t give energy to this. And it was a wonderful, wonderful experience working with such a [visionary] director [Robert Zemeckis] and an amazing actor, so that’s all that matters.”


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