Jodi Guglielmi
October 14, 2016 10:12 AM

Word to the wise: Don’t scare Kevin Hart — it can make him a little gassy.

The last time Hart and Jimmy Fallon hung out they screamed their way through a terrifying rollercoaster ride, and on Thursday, the two decided to keep the good time (or screams?) rolling with a trip to a haunted house – and they couldn’t have looked more scared.

“I do not like being scared,” Fallon, 42, admitted before they entered the attraction. “I’m for real scared.”

Feeling a little more confident, Hart, 37, warned any looming monster that trying to spook him might not be in their best interest. “You can jump out at me if you want to, but you’ll get a boo to the neck.”

But it didn’t take more than 30 seconds for a zombie to lunge at the pair, setting off a chorus of screams.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

As they made their way through the haunted house with a camera strapped to their chest, both Hart and Fallon let out plenty of blood-curdling shrieks — and a little gas.

“Hey, Jimmy, I farted,” Hart yelled after one particularly scary encounter with a werewolf.

And while Hart started the adventure feeling rather secure, by the end, he was the one screaming “let me out!”

“Listen, if you guys watch this and at any point I look like I’m afraid — I’m an actor,” he joked after they made it through. “It’s me acting.”

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