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Kate Hudson (Accidentally) Punches Anne Hathaway

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Call it dedication to her craft: Kate Hudson says she got into character a little too much on the set of Bride Wars, when she inadvertently punched costar Anne Hathaway in the face during the movie’s catfight scene.

“We were really tired, and I had this big rock on my finger. … I whacked Annie in the face so hard,” Hudson said on the Rachael Ray show Friday. “She was like: No, no, keep going because she was so into it … Two hours later, she’s sitting in the back of a car with an ice pack on her face. I was so bad. I really clocked her.”

Hudson, 29, also told Ray about the main man in her life – her son Ryder.

“He’s got a different brain than I do. I was all sport and energy. … Ryder is a mind child,” she says, “He really loves music, and he knows every word to “Viva La Vida,” the Coldplay song.”

She’s also surprised how quickly he’s growing.

“Today we were talking about the day he was born…and now that he’s 5, it’s like: Mom come on I’m going to be five for a whole year. I’m like: Wow, that’s amazing, one whole hand,” Hudson says.

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