Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
Lesley Messer
September 08, 2008 05:25 PM

His daughters may only be ages 4 and 2, but Greg Kinnear has taken early precautions for their dating years.

“I already have a shotgun underneath my bed,” he joked to PEOPLE on Friday at a bash celebrating his Toronto International Film Festival movie Ghost Town, sponsored by Hollywood Life magazine. “It’s not loaded though, I want to point out.”

Kinnear, 45, says that growing up with only brothers, watching his two girls act like sisters has been especially rewarding – and he’s had some interesting social experiences as a result.

“I went to a Wiggles concert not too long ago – got down with them,” he laughed. “The truth is, they don’t watch a lot of TV. What I feel most protective of at this point is keeping them isolated from … pop culture. I just want to allow that innocence to drag out a little bit further.”

To make his point, he added with a grin, “The best dollhouse we ever built was out of a cardboard box.”

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