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Godzilla's Changing Looks (VIDEO)

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Godzilla turned 60 Tuesday. Arguably the most famous lizard in the world, the Big Green has starred in dozens of movies, a few television shows and countless comic books and novels. Take a look at his history in the above video.

But it looks like the large lizard’s had a little work between his film debut and the 2014 installment – how does he get his scales to stay so perky, nearly 60 years after his film debut?

Turns out, it’s taken quite a bit of work. The suits that Japan’s Toho Studios used to bring Godzilla to life over the years morphed as he changed from a horrifying nuclear antagonist to the star of increasingly zany, family-friendly adventures in the 1960s.

The next video, by one Ryan Smith, shows those changes throughout the years. (His inclusion of the lamentable 1998 American Godzilla is … incorrect.)

And, sadly, Smith does not include Godzilla’s uncredited appearance in the 1988 John Cusack/Demi Moore vehicle, One Crazy Summer, which you can watch here.

If you’re interested in a Biggest Loser-style comparison, here is the original trailer for Gojira, from 1954.

And here’s a recent trailer from the new film, with a pretty revealing look at the G-Man at :25.

We hope we look that good at 60.

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