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Former Dukes Star Calls for Movie Boycott

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Jessica Simpson shouldn’t expect any fan mail from Ben Jones, a former Georgia congressman who played wisecracking mechanic “Cooter” on TV’s 1979-85 Dukes of Hazzard.

Jones, who claims to have read the script to this summer’s Dukes movie – starring Simpson, Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott – is not amused by the profanity and sexual content he alleges is contained n the widescreen version of the family-friendly old series.

“Basically, they trashed our show,” said Jones, who now lives in the mountains of Washington, Va. “It’s one thing to do whatever movie they want to do, but to take a classic family show and do that is like taking I Love Lucy and making her a crackhead or something.”

Taking action, Jones posted an open letter to fans on his Web site,, urging them to boycott the movie.

“From all I have seen and heard, the Dukes movie is a sleazy insult to all of us who have cared about the Dukes of Hazzard for so long,” he writes. “Unless they clean it up before the August 5 release date I would strongly recommend that true blue Dukes fans hold their noses and pass this one up.”

A spokeswoman for Warner Brothers, which is releasing the movie, did not return the Associated Press’s call for comment.