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FIRST LOOK: Brad Paisley Creates Cartoon Version of Himself, Son Huck

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The first time Kimberly Williams-Paisley left her country star husband in charge of their son Huck, she was, he recalls, a nervous mother.

“She was going away to do a press thing in New York, and she gave me this list of things to do like: ‘No gluten, make sure he takes his nap, don’t let him watch TV,’ ” Brad Paisley says of the care needs of the now 3-year-old. So, he did what any caring husband would do: He punk’d his wife.

“We no sooner had a ‘coast is clear’ kind of situation, [then my band and I] went and bought a doll at Toys ‘R Us – a life-size, most realistic doll we could find – and dressed it up in the same clothes [as Huck] and filmed,” says the practical jokester, known for pranking tour mates Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler.

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“We had the doll on a horse, and we wanted to see how far down this hill the stroller would go and what would happen. We filmed all this stuff – these fictitious things that I put my son through – like shooting a gun. He was shooting a revolver at a target, and he’s not even 2!”

Such a Hit!

When Kimberly returned, Paisley played his video spoof – which had “horrifying but hilarious” results. It was such a hit with her and their friends that he was talked into sharing it with the Nashville Film Festival.

Paisley, who often makes animated videos as part of his live show, created an animated opening credits sequence (featuring the cartoon versions of his family) to go along with the live action video, and voila: When Mom’s Away was born.

The short film will show one night only – in Nashville on April 22, the festival’s closing night as an introduction to Entourage actor Adrian Grenier’s documentary Teenage Paparazzo – though Paisley says he has no plans to give up his day job.

“I’m not a director, and I’m not a filmmaker of any kind,” he says. “I have no plans for this to go anywhere else. But it’s fun to do. You’re just seeing me being a goof.”

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