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FIRST LOOK: Ashton Kutcher Stars in Spread

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Courtesy of Mammoth NYC

Ashton Kutcher sends hearts fluttering in life – and in his upcoming movie Spread. has an exclusive look at photos from the new flick.

In the racy comedy, Kutcher plays Nikki, a ladies man who uses his charm and good looks to live the high life in Hollywood. Kutcher’s character seduces some of L.A.’s richest women, such as Samantha (played by Anne Heche), in order to achieve a lifestyle filled with fast cars, swimming pools and mansions – until he meets his match.

Heather, a stunning waitress played by up-and-coming star Margarita Levieva, turns Nikki’s world upside down and attempts to beat him at his own game. The two play charged by a game of one-upsmanship, and unexpectedly start to fall in love.

Margarita Levieva
Courtesy of Mommoth NYC
The pair are forced to make a choice between love and lifestyle.

Spread hits theaters on August 14.

Click here to see the movie’s trailer.