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Tara Fowler
February 18, 2015 03:10 PM

Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess must be jumping for joy: Fifty Shades of Grey whipped up an astounding $94.4 million over the holiday weekend, beating most analysts’ predictions of a more conservative $60 million. (But since when was Christian Grey ever conservative?)

That’s just one of the big numbers of the Fifty Shades phenomenon. How big are the others? From lip bites to sex-toy sales, we break down every figure you could possibly need to know about the risqué romance.

19 times Ana (Dakota Johnson) bites her lip in the film, driving Christian (Jamie Dornan) mad

• More than 100 million copies of the book sold worldwide

92 percent increase in bondage and S&M toy sales at Babeland in New York City since Feb. 1

29 percent of domestic tickets sold were purchased online through Fandango, the biggest percentage ever in the company’s 15-year history. Or to put it another way, 29 percent of you were too embarrassed to buy tickets in person

Zero “inner goddess” references in the movie versus 53 in the book

One time the words “fifty shades” are uttered in the film

1.3 million Tweets about the movie opening weekend

Four: number of lines Rita Ora has in the film as Christian Grey’s sister Mia

1,000 percent increase in sales of Ben Wa balls at California Exotic Novelties in the months after the book’s popularity surged in 2013

Seven, the original number of “shades of Grey” in E L James’s book

100 percent spike in visits to the emergency room with sex-toy-related injuries since 2007, with most of that coming after the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey in 2011

18:06 minutes of sex in the 125-minute movie

11 countries where the film had the biggest opening of all time, including Argentina, Poland and Ukraine

$100,000: the amount of money Christian Grey makes per hour

Two potential sequels

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