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Denzel Washington & Aaron Paul Learned to Play Alcoholics from YouTube Videos

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JB Lacroix/Wireimage; Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

Denzel Washington and Aaron Paul each had an entertaining time getting into their characters, who are both alcoholics, in their latest film roles – Washington as Whip Whitaker in Flight, and Paul as Charlie Hannah in Smashed.

But the fun didn’t come from Method acting. It came from what Paul calls “amazing” videos of drunk people on YouTube.

“I watched so many funny videos,” the actor, 33, tells “There are so many. Just type in ‘drunk people’ or ‘people drunk,’ and you’ll find some gems. There are amazing videos on YouTube that only have like 400 views. I’m just shocked that the entire planet hasn’t seen them yet.”

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While Paul enjoyed the video, he admits he may not have been entirely sober while filming every scene.

“There definitely may or may not have been one scene in there where I decided to take it up a notch and do a shot or two of tequila,” he says. “But most of the drinking happened before the shoot, just as research. I filmed myself drunk just to see what I’m like.”

Washington, 57 – who plays a pilot found to have alcohol in his system after a crash – agrees with Paul, telling Hollyscoop, “You can YouTube ‘drunks.’ There are thousands. They are amazing.”

His favorite, he says, is of “this one guy that’s trying to open a door and it takes about a half hour.”

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