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Daniel Craig Says 007's Martinis Left Him 'On the Floor'

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Everett Collection

Call it sipping into character.

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, says not only has he tried a Vesper martini – the drink 007 invented in Casino Royale – but he’s done a taste test for the best recipe.

“I’ve tried about 10 of them,” Craig, 40, tells London’s Time Out in its Oct. 23 issue. “They’re knockout. We did a proper taste test: full measure of gin, full measure of vodka and then another liqueur on top of it. I ended up on the floor.”

When he’s off duty, the actor says he prefers vodka martinis with an olive. Shaken or stirred? “I don’t know who drinks stirred cocktails anymore. I like them ice, ice, ice cold, so you have to shake them up.”

Marine Workout

To work off his excesses, Craig literally calls in the big guns: the Royal Marines. “They always hurt me … my trainer is one. They haunt me.”

In the interview – which features questions from the circa-’70s 007 Roger Moore and singer Shirley Bassey, who scored a Top Ten hit with the classic title song to 1965’s Goldfinger – Craig also sounds off on his relationship with his Bond predecessors.

“I speak to Pierce [Brosnan] occasionally,” says Craig, whose second Bond film, Quantum of Solace, hits theaters Nov. 14. “We’ve got the same publicist, so I might get on the phone with him when he’s on junkets. He was really nice and encouraging when the whole thing kicked off.”

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