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Ça va! Elisabeth Moss, Julianne Moore and More Celebrities Tell Us Their Favorite French Phrases

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Parlez-vous snappy and convenient French phrases? Each year, the stars of Hollywood and beyond descend on the southern French town of Cannes for the world’s premier film festival. It’s also an opportune time to take in a little French culture.

While promoting their films at this year’s fest, several famous faces shared with EW some of the language they picked up, ranging from educational to just a touch risqué. Eva Longoria loves the profanity; Andie MacDowell loves how the French move their mouths; Julianne Moore finds it, well, impossible not to love the phrase “C’est impossible.”

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Perhaps the most useful phrase, however, is the one Elisabeth Moss picked up: “Ça va,” which can mean anything from “Okay” and “It’s fine” to “That’s enough” and even “How are you?”

Watch above to hear all the best French-isms from the Croisette in Cannes.

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