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Jodi Guglielmi
September 01, 2016 08:00 AM

Bridget Jones is forced to choose between new love and old love in the latest installment of the franchise – and even her leading men don’t know who she should pick.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Bridget Jones’s Baby, Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth dish on what it was like battling it out for the beloved Brit when she finds herself pregnant and unsure of who the father is.

“It’s very hard for her,” says Dempsey. “And that’s where the conflict is and the humor is and that’s where the heart of the piece is.”

In the film, Dempsey, who calls himself the “new kid on the block,” plays Jack Qwant, a millionaire who has a one-night stand with Jones (Renée Zellweger) after meeting at a music festival. Firth reprises his role as Mark Darcy, who even after years apart and a failed marriage, still can’t get over his longtime love.

When both men vow to stay by her side until the baby is born, it doesn’t take long for things to become a little complicated for the singleton.

“Mark Darcy is the quintessential English and then Jack is the quintessential American,” explains Dempsey, 50. “In that is two opposing ideas and philosophies that challenge each one.”

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And while Firth’s character might be a fan favorite, he’s just glad the competition isn’t based on looks.

“It’s not a charm battle. It’s not about who’s the sexiest – thank god,” says Firth, 55,. “Jack is fairly irresistible. I would leave me for him.”

Bridget Jones’s Baby hits theaters Sept. 16.

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