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Sarah Durham Wilson
March 30, 2011 10:45 AM

It’s official: Angelina Jolie has signed to star as Egypt’s beloved Queen Cleopatra. So, the question is: Who will be her Marc Antony?

Keep in mind that unlike the 1963 Elizabeth Taylor version, the forthcoming Scott Rudin production will focus less on Cleopatra’s seductive powers in the bedroom and more on her shrewd appetite for business and politics.

So who should fill Marc Antony’s gladiator sandals? We’ve got a few good men in mind.

For starters, there’s Brad Pitt. The Troy actor and Jolie’s real-life love is no stranger to period pieces or playing tough – think The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Inglorious Basterds and yes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Plus, we already know Pitt looks great in a toga. And director David Fincher will never have to worry about a lack of chemistry on set.

Then there’s George Clooney, Jolie’s off-screen friend and fellow humanitarian, who, through roles such as Thin Red Line, Three Kings and the brave captain of the “Andrea Gail” in The Perfect Storm, has won audiences’ trust as a smart, reliable and calm-headed leader.

Another candidate is James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who has out-pummeled and outfoxed the enemy in a number of action films, including Casino Royale, The Golden Compass – and the forthcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Lastly, we can’t exclude the princely Colin Firth who just won the Oscar for his role as a triumphant war-time King George VI in The King’s Speech. If it were ever the English actor’s time to play a fearless leader in love, the time is now.

Tell us who would make the perfect leading man for Angelina Jolie’s Cleopatra?

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