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Alicia Silverstone Says Clueless Almost Didn't Happen Because Studio Thought It Wouldn't 'Sell Tickets'

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Michael Hickey/Getty

The world almost missed out on seeing Alicia Silverstone star as Cher in the classic Clueless.

Silverstone, 40, revealed that her iconic turn in the ’90s hit film almost didn’t happen because studios at the time doubted audiences wanted to see a movie about a young girl.

“One studio said no to it,” Silverstone recalls in an interview with Variety. “Those people now kick themselves that they were not part of that film. They were like, ‘We don’t think anybody is going to care. It’s not going to sell tickets.'”

Award-winning producer Scott Rudin quickly turned that around, declaring the film would be made.

“It was a huge success,” Silverstone adds.

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Despite the near miss, Silverstone says the movie “changed my life” and she is now incredibly proud of her involvement, which she came to realize at a screening she attended at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. It was also the first time her 6-year-old son saw the film, according to Variety.

“We were laying under the stars,” Silverstone recalls. “Seeing it on the screen like that was an incredible thing to share with my son and go, ‘Wow I’m really proud of that.’ I’m proud of all the work on the screen, all the different artists who created that. Super proud.”