Sheriff's deputy Jeff Haire and 4-year-old Davie'onna
Bay County Sheriff's Office
Caitlin Keating
June 26, 2017 02:01 PM

A sheriff’s officer happily reunited with a girl he saved just hours earlier as she celebrated her fourth birthday at a local pool in Panama City, Florida.

Jeff Haire was with his family at Frank Brown Park on May 28, when he saw a man carrying Davie’onna — who seemed “lifeless” — out of the pool, according to Today.

Haire, a corporal with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, knew it was serious when he tried to find her pulse as she lay on the pool deck.

Kiara Greene, Davie'onna, and sheriff's deputy Jeff Haire
Bay County Sheriff's Office

“I had investigated several drownings before in my career and the ones that didn’t make it always had that foam around their nose and mouth area,” Haire, 44, told the news outlet. “When I saw that on her, I just thought the worst.”

He was able to find a heartbeat after performing multiple rounds of CPR and was surprised that she didn’t suffer any brain damage from the incident.

“I felt her heart rate go from literally 0 to about 100 — just like that,” said Haire, who carried the little girl in his arms to an ambulance.

Davie’onna’s mother, Kiara Greene, told TODAY that they now call him their “guardian angel.”

“It was a miracle,” she said.

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