Alex Heigl
November 03, 2016 03:18 PM

Sapio is a dating app that touts its ability to make connections based on deep personality traits and experiences, rather than appearances. (I.e. questions like, “If you were granted immunity from the law for a day what would you do and why?”)

Recently, the company analyzed more than 150 million Facebook users’ profiles to see if they could discover any bold new trends in singledom.

First of all, apparently if you’re a guy looking to mingle with the maximum amount of single ladies, you’ve definitely got a solid lead to go on. The top five states with more single women than men were all concentrated in the Southeast U.S. (with Florida being the exception): Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arkansas. Virtually every other state in the union has more single men than women, with North Dakota taking top honors. (18 percent more single men than women.) So, head southeast, young men, head southeast.


But with the presidential election bearing down on literally every facet of American life, you might be wondering: How will the election impact my shot at love? This is one in case in which conventional wisdom appears to win out: liberals are more likely to list themselves as single on Facebook, with 50 percent of male left-wingers and 41 percent of female liberals identifying themselves as such. Just 32 percent of male conservatives and 30 percent of female conservatives listed themselves as single.

Lastly, if you’re trying to cruise your local record store (just kidding who does that in 2016?) for a love connection, you’re in luck — Sapio found some insights on the single life via FB users’ music preferences. For one thing, men are largely omnivorous when it comes to their musical habits. Of the “Big Five” of genres surveyed — country, electronic, hip hop, pop and rock — single men largely outweighed women in their positive responses to each genre. But for dudes, if you’re looking for a musical gal, it turns out you should be versed in the who’s and how’s of hip hop: 55 percent of single female users surveyed viewed that genre positively, with pop at a close second at 54 percent.

Of course, bear in mind that this is a survey of user-generated Facebook information, so it’s not a perfect sampling. Either way, happy mingling, singles!

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