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Georgia Woman Finds Sister on Facebook After 37-Year Search (and Other Inspiring Stories This Week)

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Five acts of kindness worth celebrating, and sharing. (See last week’s list)

1. Georgia Woman Meets Biological Sister After 37-Year Search

It wasn’t until Mary Ann Fusco turned 16 that her adoptive parents first told her she had a biological sister, leading the teenager to embark on a search for her lost sibling that would span 37 years.

In December, Fusco finally located Abbey McMinton on Facebook; this past Wednesday, WXIA captured the sisters’ reunion at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

McMinton confessed she didn’t initially believe she had a sister, but she realized almost immediately that she bore an uncanny resemblance to Fusco, with matching color, eyes and height.

The two greeted each other with joyful screams and hugs on March 26:

With a new sister comes a new set of extended family members; Fusco said she now has eight new nieces and nephews. Figuring out their family tree is just one of the things the sisters will be doing over their 10 days together. McMinton tells WXIA a key focus of their reunion will be catching up on “girly sister stuff.”

2. New York Driver Calls 911 to Report Burning Home, Then Rushes In to Rescue Couple

Ken Radley was on the way to his job this past Tuesday when he spotted smoke billowing out of a rowhouse in Albany, New York. As reported by WNYT, Radley called 911 and then rushed into the structure, aiding a couple in escaping their apartment.

Fire crews quickly arrived and successfully extinguished the flames before they could spread to adjoining buildings. When asked why he ran into the burning home, Radley explained, “I hope somebody would do the same for me.”

3. Atlanta Humane Society Saves 30 Pets from Being Euthanized

The Atlanta Humane Society took ownership of 25 dogs and 11 cats from Savannah’s department of animal control on Tuesday. The action spared the 34 animals from certain euthanasia, reports WJCL.

The group also relieved the Hilton Head Humane Society of an additional four cats and nine dogs. The pets from both cities will now be put up for adoption in Atlanta. (People can reach the humane society at 404-875-5331.)

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4. College Students Spend Spring Break Rebuilding Homes in Alabama

College students from Missouri and Illinois gave up their spring break to help build Habitat for Humanity homes in Tuscaloosa, Ala., this week, reports WBRC. The new homes are part of an ongoing effort to revitalize a city that was ravaged by a 2011 tornado.

University of Missouri student Hannah Lager described the experience of meeting one of the homeowners: “Getting to know her, and see how grateful and thankful she was that we were here, helping her I mean, all we did was paint her shed, but she was so thankful.”

5. A North Carolina Surfer Offers Free Lessons to Cancer Patients

Kevin Murphy believes in the healing properties of the ocean. That’s why he founded Ocean Cure, an organization that gives free surf lessons to medically fragile and at-risk children and adults, such as those with cancer and physical disabilities, reports WWAY.

While Murphy says learning to surf is quite difficult at first, he also says overcoming limitations and triumphing over obstacles is empowering for his students. Murphy has even taught the visually impaired, who have learned the sport by feeling the ocean waves.

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