Caitlin Keating
June 22, 2017 02:21 PM
Nick Cardello and Kurt English
Nick Cardello

When Nick Cardello and Kurt English went to the Equality March in Washington D.C., on June 11, they decided to recreate a photograph they took in the exact same spot 24 years ago.

“I decided to post the photo that I shot back in 1993,” Cardello, 54, tells People. “I put up the one of us kissing on Facebook as my cover photo and one of our friends said, ‘You should recreate that photo this time when you go.’ ”

Cardello, a freelance photographer, then posted the two photos side-by-side, went to bed and woke up to find out it had been shared thousands of times.

Both Cardello and English, 52, who live in Tampa, Florida, are overwhelmed by the response they’ve received.


Nick Cardello

“It was really encouraging for us to read so many supportive comments. It was also sad because I don’t think a lot of people have found love in their life and if they have, it hasn’t lasted,” says Cardello. “I think people resonated with that.”

He also says that a lot of young people don’t often see many gay couples growing old together in the media.

“They’ve said, ‘Wow, look, I’d like a relationship like that’ and they tag their love interest, or they say, ‘Look at this. This could be us.’ ”

Nick Cardello


The couple has lived together since 1992 and were legally married in Boston in 2008, and again in Florida in 2015 when it became legal. Despite all the milestones in their decades-long relationship, they felt that posting the two pictures was one of the biggest steps in their love story.

“We don’t post photos of holding hands or kissing,” says Cardello, who attends Pride events every year with English. “We came out to our family 25 years ago, but for us, it was was kind of like a second coming out.”

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