Alexia Fernandez
October 20, 2016 01:09 AM

A couple was found dead Wednesday morning within their apartment in the village of Dundee, Michigan after neighbors worried that they hadn’t seen them all day.

Cameron, 28, and Courtney, 20, Hulet, formerly of Newport, Michigan, apparently collapsed and died at their home as they were about to eat dinner, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Investigators weren’t immediately sure what happened to the couple and toxicology tests are expected in a couple of weeks.

The Dundee village manager told ABC 13 Action News, a local news station, that a neighbor saw their front door was a cracked open on Tuesday morning. The neighbor looked inside, heard a moan but left soon after.

The neighbor checked the house again early Wednesday morning and found the two bodies. The couple had been living in the village for about six weeks.

Police did not find evidence on the scene that indicated foul play or forced entry, according to the Detroit Free Press. Police also found a pound of marijuana on the kitchen table near the bodies.

Todd Opperman, Dundee police chief, told the Monroe News that Child Protective Services recently removed two young children from the home.

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