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California Helicopter Warns People to ‘Calmly’ Exit Water: ‘You Are Paddle-Boarding Next to Approximately 15 Great White Sharks’

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High above a California beach, a helicopter crew told numerous people in the water over a loud speaker to calmly exit the water after more than a dozen great white sharks were spotted in their vicinity.

“You are paddle-boarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks,” Deputy Brian Stockbridge announced over the helicopter loudspeaker to people in the water. “They are advising you exit the water in a calm manner. The sharks are as close as the surfline.”

Captured on video and posted online by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, sharks are seen swimming right next to the beachgoers.

When asked by CBS News how the people responded, Stockbridge said that, “Well, unlike normal, they pretty much complied immediately.”

Just one day later, on Thursday, three more great white sharks were spotted during a scan of the shore aboard the sheriff’s helicopter, according to The Orange County Register.