Char Adams
March 30, 2017 04:37 PM

For many children, zipping a jacket is a simple task. But for 6-year-old Evan, it proved to be a monumental milestone.

Evan, who has autism, spent about a month in a program learning to zip his jacket by himself. And the boy drew cheers from hundreds of social media users after his mother, Mandy Farmer, posted a Facebook video of the sweet moment.

“You know how we say autism families don’t take things for granted? This is what we mean,” Farmer, of Virginia, wrote alongside the video. “It is so exciting to see him meet these milestones, even if they’re met on a different timeline than that of his peers.”


In the heartwarming clip, a barefoot Evan is shown wearing a blue jacket, holding each side of the zipper before getting to the task. After a small struggle, Evan looked up to his mother, who reassured him, “You can do it! You got it.”

He soon pulled the zipper up to his neck, sending a wide grin his mother’s way.

Farmer told Today that Evan sometimes spent up to 25 hours in therapy a week to learn to use the zipper.


“Things are this hard for him, and yet he never gives up,” she said. “Life is all about perspective.”

The clip has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook and Farmer said parents of special-needs children have reached out to her on the social media site to tell of their children’s own struggles.

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“We can tell people about how hard he works in all of these therapies and that he still can’t effectively use a spoon or fork, or independently dress himself or tolerate a room with loud noises, but watching this short clip says it better than I ever could,” Farmer said.

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