Al Diaz/Miami Herald/AP
Alicia C. Dennis
February 21, 2014 12:25 PM

A busy Miami expressway came to a standstill Thursday afternoon, when a woman jumped out of her car holding a baby, screaming for help.

Pamela Rauseo, 37, of West Kendall, Fla., was traveling with her nephew Sebastian de la Cruz, 5 months, when she realized he was turning blue, reports the Miami Herald.

Drivers in traffic on the Dolphin Expressway sprang into action. Herald photographer Al Diaz, who was in a car directly behind Rauseo, jumped out to assist.

“I heard screaming,” Diaz said. He raced through the stopped cars to find assistance.

Bystander Lucila Godoy, 34, of Miami, left her 3-year-old son in her car to help Rauseo perform CPR on the unconscious infant. Rauseo said he was born prematurely and had respiratory issues. Meanwhile, Diaz had found police officer Amauris Bastidas, who raced to the scene and took over resuscitation efforts from Godoy.

“I lifted him up in the air and moved him up and down,” Bastidas told the paper about the baby. “He started breathing and crying.”

But Sebastian continued to have difficulty breathing as Rauseo, Godoy and Bastidas frantically tried to continue reviving him.

A emergency crew also stuck in traffic – Capt. Anthony Trim and Lt. Alvaro Tonanez with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s hazardous materials unit – rushed over to assist after hearing emergency calls on their radios, reported the Herald.

“The aunt gave him the baby,” Trim said of Tonanez. “He did a quick check and made sure the baby s airway was open.”

Sebastian was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Pediatrics unit, where the paper reported he was listed in stable condition.

“Everybody got there in seconds, it seemed,” Diaz told New York’s Daily News, which called the rescue effort “Miracle in Miami.”

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