Alexia Fernandez
October 28, 2016 07:57 PM

An American Airlines plane caught fire on the runway of the Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Friday afternoon after flames erupted on the right side of the plane.

American Airlines flight 383 aborted takeoff but 20 people were hospitalized with minor injuries, according to ABC News. The flight was bound for Miami, Florida.

There were 161 passengers and nine crew deplaned on the runway and buses picked up the passengers and brought them back to the terminal, according to a short statement on the airlines website.

Firefighters responded to the scene in less than 90 seconds, officials told ABC News.

Timothy Sampey of the Chicago Fire Department told ABC News that the plane caught fire in the second engine on the right side of the plane and was put out immediately.

He said the plane had a substantial amount of fuel and added that fuel was leaking from the aircraft.


This could have been “devastating,” he added.

Jose Castillo, a web programmer whose father was on the plane, tweeted out video of the incident.

Castillo tweeted that his father was safe and transported to a nearby terminal. American Airlines booked all passengers on flight 383 on a new flight set to leave Friday night, but without belongings. Passengers in the flight won’t be getting their belongings for three to four days, according to Castillo.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the incident.


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