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85-Year-Old ‘Flower Grandpa’ at Georgia Wedding Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

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Stanley, the 85-year-old “flower grandpa,” is serious #Grandpagoals!

Jennifer Briskin always knew she wanted her “Papa” to be a part of her wedding, but she wasn’t sure how to incorporate him into her special day – until she concocted a brilliant plan.

“The whole thing really started as a joke! When I was thinking about what role he could play, I couldn’t stop picturing him throwing petals down the aisle like a flower girl,” Briskin, 29, tells PEOPLE. “But then I thought ‘Hey, we should actually do this!’ And it turned out to be a great idea.”

Robin Nathan Photography
Robin Nathan Photography

So Briskin ordered a custom handkerchief that said, ‘Papa, will you be my Flower Grandpa? Love, Jen,’ and delivered it to Stanley.

At first, he was wary.

Robin Nathan Photography
Robin Nathan Photography

“I really didn’t think she was serious for a while,” Stanley tells PEOPLE. “I did hesitate for a while – who has ever heard of something so ridiculous! But Jen was so excited about it. And I’m glad I did it!”

Robin Nathan Photography
Robin Nathan Photography

Briskin tied the knot with her husband, Austin, on October 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, with Stanley as the designated flower girl.

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“I was so nervous and filled with adrenaline that I forgot exactly what I was supposed to do,” says Stanley. “Jennifer’s sister, Allison, practiced with me a week before the wedding on my driveway with a bucket and some fake leaves.”

“But in the moment, I forgot I was supposed to throw the petals down the aisle for Jen to walk on, and I accidentally threw them at the guests!”

Robin Nathan Photography
Robin Nathan Photography

But for Briskin, she couldn’t have imagined her wedding any other way. Luckily, her videographer, Daneman Video Productions, Inc. was able to capture the moment on film.

“I am so lucky to have a grandparent who is able to walk down the aisle at my wedding,” she says. “I’m even luckier to have a grandfather with such a great sense of humor and willingness to go along with his granddaughter’s crazy ideas!

“I will always treasure the memory of having an 85-year-old Flower Grandpa.”

Adds Stanley, “I’m so glad I went through with it!”