Tiare Dunlap
November 04, 2016 03:17 PM

The best part about being a twin is having a built-in best friend with whom you can share everything. The worst part? Finding out your twin is a full minute older than you are.

That’s the life lesson that made 3-year-old Alexis McClure break down in tears on an adorable YouTube video that has gone viral.

“Lexi, what do you think being identical twins means?” the girls’ mother, Ami McClure, is heard asking in the clip.

“Adorable!” Alexis replies.

The girls hug each other and smile as their mom explains it means they look alike.

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But then, the trouble starts when Ami asks who is older.

“Me!” shouts Ava.

The breakthrough is too much for Alexis to bear. “But I want to be older!” Alexis says as she begins to tear up.

“You’re one minute younger. You don’t have to cry, I can’t make you older — she was born first by one minute,” Ami explains, while Ava tries to comfort her sister saying, “I’m just one minute older. That’s it!” as she tries to give her sister a comforting hug.

“She’s not bigger than you, or bigger in size, she’s just one minute older,” Ami continues, to which Alexis tearfully replies, “I want to grow.”

The tables turn quickly when it is discovered that while Ava may be older, Alexis is in fact half an inch taller. Now, it’s time for Ava to take issue with nature.

‘But I want to grow like my sister!’ Ava says. ‘I want to grow!’

The girls’ father, Justin McClure of West Orange, New Jersey told ABC News that he and his wife started a YouTube channel for their daughters to spread positivity.

“All along we’ve tried to be a family that brings joy, especially in this time when there’s so much negativity,” he explained.

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