Ana Calderone
April 08, 2016 02:32 PM

The Novogratz castle is complete and now it’s time to celebrate!

In the final episode of PEOPLE’s web series, The Castle Next Door, the design family throws a blowout housewarming party to show off their new home to over 300 people.

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“There’s a lot of things going on tonight, the DJ, the band, a food truck but tonight the castle is the star of the party,” says Bob Novogratz.

After eight months of hard work, the house looks completely different from when they hosted a construction party in the beginning stages of renovations. “It’s really exciting for the people that came to the first party,” says Bellamy, “because they really got to see the house in its barebones. They’ll be blown away. The house turned out beautiful and I’m really excited to show it off.”

Catherine Hall

From their unique chandeliers to the quirky decorations and custom home theater, the guests are thoroughly impressed. “The exterior is very Hollywood regency, a little Spanish and then you get inside, it’s very modern and clean and fun and unexpected,” says celebrity stylist, Emily Henderson. “They do these things that you’re just like, ‘What did you just do to this house?!’”

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And because they were very much involved in the design, the kids are especially proud to see the little details they helped decide on. “It was nice to see it all come together,” says Wolfgang.

The Novogratz

“I feel like I did on my wedding day, on the moments where I gave birth,” says Cortney. “Doing a house is an accomplishment and we’ve arrived and it feels great.”

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