Jane Sung
April 28, 2016 04:46 PM

The temps are finally rising (and staying that way) and we can’t wait to do everything outdoors — that includes BBQs, pool parties and meals that are just so much better when enjoyed al fresco.

It’s also the perfect excuse to show off our latest obsession: Sunny Life’s mini pineapple votives, which flawlessly set the vibe for any gathering and burn without a trace of scent. Packaged in a group of six, these tiny tea lights fit into even the smallest space and pack a colorful decorative punch. And priced at just $15 for the collection (that makes each one less than $3 a pop), you might want to stock up on these festive no-brainers.


Keep one on your desk for a cheery TGIF-everyday accent, group in monochrome clusters as a dinner table centerpiece or scatter throughout your place to give it a tropical, backyard-soiree vibe — even if you don’t have a balcony.

There’s no wafting scent to interfere with the food you’re serving (or your guests’ perfume), and the tin vessels will catch any wax drippings. So you can focus on keeping the guac replenished and the sangria bowl filled. Party on!

Buy It! Sunny Life Pineapple tea light candle set, $15; shop.people.com

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