Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf
Mackenzie Schmidt
November 24, 2016 01:00 PM

Prepare to envy anyone who’s “stuck” at the kids’ table this Thanksgiving.

If your big turkey dinner has ever been split into two separate dining setups — one for kids, one for adults — you know the angst of being the oldest one crouched over a pint-size play table, and the glory that comes with your first holiday spent with the adults.

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Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

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This year, however, the big table might just be ousted as the best seat in the house. Online design service Laurel and Wolf dreamed up a festive (and cute!) scene you can easily copy at your own celebration. Check out their tips, below.

Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

1. Instead of buying kid-size flatware, which may not suit the biggest “kids” at the table, or resorting to plastic utensils, use dessert forks and spoons at the places set for smaller diners.

2. Apply that same logic to scale down your plates. Use a salad plate as your “charger” and dessert plates as your “dinner plate.” While you’re at it, pick up some mini pies that serve as decoration and dessert.

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Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

3. Forgo formal place cards. Instead, use classic wooden blocks to lead little guests to their seats. They also make for a fun distraction that everyone can enjoy.

4. Ambitious entertainers can go over-the-top and create a faux fireside scene. Laurel and Wolf used a floating shelf as a mantel, plush logs from Land of Nod and a printed graphic for the wall to bring this festive vignette to life.

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