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EXCLUSIVE: See Inside Sutton Foster's Decked-Out Dressing Room


Matt Harrington

It’s time we retire the phrase “like a kid in a candy store.” From here on out we’re saying “like Sutton Foster in a HomeGoods.”

“I’m a huge fan. It’s one of my favorite stores,” the Younger star, 41, gushes about her home decor “go-to.” So when the retailer, which also helped design her New York apartment, approached the actress about decorating her dressing room, she jumped at the chance. “I spend a ton of time in dressing rooms,” she says. “If I’m doing two shows in a day [on Broadway], I’ll be there all day. It kind of becomes my space . . . a home away from home.”

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Matt Harrington
Matt Harrington
Matt Harrington
Matt Harrington

Foster brought on her longtime dresser and best friend, Julien Havard, to help with the makeover. “We’ve worked together on seven Broadway shows. He’s my number one collaborator and he also knows me better than anyone else,” she says. The duo went on a shopping spree to outfit the room, grabbing everything from small-space-friendly furniture to quirky accent pieces.


“The one thing all of my dressing rooms have in common is that there is a sense of whimsy and freedom,” says the two-time Tony winner. “There’s nothing too stuffy or too formal.”

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Matt Harrington
Matt Harrington

For this makeover, Foster and Havard decided to bring in lots of color and create a space she describes as “light and sort of carefree.” Sky blue drapes frame the glam station and set it apart from a lounge area made cozier with bright, patterned pillows, an eclectic gallery wall and a pair of large gold table lamps.

Foster loved the completed room so much that she’s started finding new uses for the pieces beyond backstage. “I really love the acrylic coffee tables that we found,” she says of the multifunctional pieces, which she can easily move out of the way to create a warm-up spot in the small room. “It ended up being just such a find. They now live in our house.”