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Royal Jordanian Airlines Releases a Powerful Ad About Discrimination in the Skies

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Royal Jordanian Airlines has released a powerful new commercial that puts a voice to the often silent discrimination happening in the skies.

Through a voiceover, a man says, “I”m not afraid of flying, but people are afraid of me.”

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We see the other passengers through his eyes, as they glance or even stare at him, warily and suspiciously, for no reason other than his appearance.

The commercial ends with a straightforward message: “Don’t be afraid to say no to discrimination.”

The point is all the more important as the U.S. government has issued orders and bans against Muslim-majority countries and airlines that fly from Muslim-majority countries to the U.S.

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A ban on electronic devices, for example, targets flights from Middle Eastern and North African airports. Royal Jordanian was first to announce the ban.

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