Megan Stein
October 21, 2016 12:54 PM

Things are getting weird at the Scott house.

As avid Halloween enthusiasts, Property BrothersDrew and Jonathan Scott partook in a costume swap with YouTube sensation iJustine and her sister, It’s Me Jenna E. Although Drew and Jonathan went pretty easy on their guests, the girls did not return the favor, with one of the brothers’ showing a somewhat-NSFW amount of skin.

After handing over Mario and Superman garb to Jenna and Justine, Jenna jokes, “You look like a rodent,” and presents a full-on animal suit for Jonathan to don. Justine then graciously gifts Drew a familiar blue-checked dress.

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“You’re Dorothy,” she says to a chorus of enthusiastic responses. Jonathan, of course, adds to the brotherly love with a supportive, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road and get changed.”

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Drew has a bit of a tough time fitting into his new look, and ends up stripping down — all in the spirit of the season, of course — and ripping his dress a bit.

A blonde wig completes the look, as Drew suggests, “I think we should go trick-or-treating, no one will know we’re too old.”

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